What is 1fc?

Step one to a better and stress free lifestyle is managing your monies. 1 Financial Code gives you the tools to track, manage and monitor all your finances through various checklists, trackers and more.

Building wealth is a skill.
And like any other skill..
it can be learnt!

Learn the proven strategies that will help you manage your money, apply your learnings and transform your savings into wealth over time.

What’s your risk profile?

Understanding your temperament as an investor, your comfort in handling market volatility, your immediate financial needs and several other factors will define your risk profile as an investor. Take a short quiz to know what kind of an investor you are, and what is the ideal investment portfolio for you.

Let’s crunch the numbers for you.

To get started on your wealth building journey, it is important to take stock of your income, expenses, savings and investments. To get a handle on how to begin your investment journey.


Keep your taxes in check, invest wisely.

When you start earning money and then make efforts to make your money grow, it is important for you to understand tax planning. While taxes have to be paid to keep the wheels.

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How to smarten up?

Experts say that if you wish to build wealth, the fastest way to do it is to model the wealth creators you admire. So here’s a short read that will help you look at how the rich remain rich for generations.

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