What’s your Risk Profile?

Are you an aggressive risk taker, or would you rather protect your capital at all times?

Understanding your appetite for risk is key in your journey as a wealth creator.

Ready to plan your finances?

Start with understanding your Risk Profile:

Step 1:

Get an understanding of your own investment temperament: do you prefer to keep your capital safe? Or would you rather take risks and see it grow exponentially?

Step 2:

Investing in the market comes with its set of risks. Are you financially ready to handle fluctuations and losses?

Step 3:

Your ability to take risks varies with your life stage. Are you in a life stage with dependents? Can you afford market losses in cases of volatility?


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You are... Conservative Investor

You are fine with lower returns as long as your capital is safe and your returns are assured.

The impact of inflation and taxes does not bother you much. You prefer to be heavily invested in safe, low risk options such as fixed deposits and bonds, with a small holding in growth assets.

Take a quick quiz and identify your Risk Profile. This will help you better understand how you should approach your investments

Select one option as answer in each of the questions below that best describes how you feel about it:

1. How long are you planning to stay invested before you need to use your funds?

2. What age group do you fall in:

3. What is your level of investment expertise:

4. My present and future income sources (example: salary, business income, investment income etc) are:

5. Which of these best describes your investment goals:

6. In the case that you are planning to stay invested for over five years, at what stage will you cash in a poorly performing scrip / mutual fund investment:

7. When you put your money in High risk investments you can look forward to higher returns and greater tax efficiency. What will be your choice in order of preference?

8. If due to volatile market conditions, the value of your investments declines by 25% within months of investing, what will be your course of action?